How does Wireshape's governance work?

Looking for gradual decentralization, Wireshape is creating ways to listen to the community and give each member voting power to decide the project's path. You can check the current active proposals on Snapshot: https://snapshot.org/#/wireshape-dao.eth.

What is Wireshape Blockchain?

Wireshape Chain is an open blockchain network specifically designed for managing global product data and supply chains. Its core function is to provide a decentralized and transparent ledger of product registries, offering benefits like increased traceability, authenticity, and efficiency in product lifecycles. It utilizes its own native token, WIRE, for various purposes within the network, including staking for block validation, governance, accessing exclusive services, and rewarding contributors.

What is Wireshape Product Transparency?

Wireshape Product Transparency is a Web3 application where consumers, suppliers and vendors can interact with Wireshape's smart contracts. Through the Token Curated Product Registry (TCPR) cryptosystem they can add data, curate and receive rewards for their contributions in creating a reliable products information database recorded on the blockchain and maintained by the community.

What are the requirements to start using Wireshape Product Transparency?

To use the Wireshape Product Transparency application, you need a modern web browser such as Brave, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. Additionally, you need to have a stable internet connection and to connect your EVM compatible wallet, such as Metamask, Brave or Trust Wallet to the Floripa Testnet Network during the beta period to interact with the platform. The entire curation system is on-chain, so you will need WIRE tokens for the gas fee and WWIRE (Wrapped Wire) to carry out the Product Registry Application. You can free Swap WIRE / WWIRE here: https://beta.wireshape.org/swap

How do I register a product?

First of all, make sure you have the product with GTIN barcode in hand to ensure data fidelity; a ruler or similar measuring tool; a scale - we recommend using a high precision scale (1 gram) for products up to 10kg. To get started you must comply with the above requirements and go to the product registration page: https://beta.wireshape.org/add-product, where you should enter all the necessary product information.

How can I curate a product?

A 24hr voting period is provided for each product registration application, so that the community can evaluate the accuracy of the submitted data and vote for or against the registry. So go to https://beta.wireshape.org/applications and check out the products that are up for voting. Before voting, make sure you have the product in hand to ensure data fidelity.

How am I rewarded for contributing product data?

All incentives, transactions and rewards are performed in WWIRE. You can free Swap WIRE / WWIRE here https://beta.wireshape.org/swap. 50M of WIRE tokens are reserved for incentives for the first 1M of registered products (validated applications and updates). Applicants, voters and brands are rewarded when a WWIRE prize pool is formed in their interactions. All distribution of rewards and incentives is self-governed by the TCPR system.

How do I get a brand-verified product data badge?

If you are a supplier / manufacturer, you can request Verify Brand Domain. Only authorized representatives with access to an official brand email can be verified. Once your registration is validated, you can start to add or update the products of the brand you are a representative of. You can Verify Brand Domain here: https://beta.wireshape.org/verify-brand

How does the Wireshape Beta Program work?

The participants in the Wireshape Private Beta Program have the unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of top-quality product data, and in turn be rewarded with WIRE tokens that can be used on the Wireshape mainnet. For every successful application, the participant will receive 30 mainnet WIRE tokens when it launches. Additionally, the participant will receive 3 mainnet WIRE tokens for every winning vote/curatorship in the application. The number of tokens rewarded will be based on the contribution score, which will be calculated based on the quality and precision of the contributions. Each participant accepted into the program will receive 31 WIRE tokens on the Wireshape Testnet. These tokens will enable the participant to start contributing to the platform right away.

How do I use products data in my ecommerce?

Wireshape provides easy-to-implement tools and APIs so that your ecommerce has access to complete product data, for quick inclusion of products in your portfolio and to keep up to date. Request a demo.

What is Wireshape Membership?

At Wireshape we're convinced that blockchain technology can help establish more transparent and traceable supply chains. That's why we're building a community of like-minded companies that share this vision and want to join us in this initiative. As a member of the community, your company will have access to a wide range of benefits that will assist you in achieving your business objectives while also contributing to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. Here are some of the advantages of becoming a Member: operating a Validator Node for the chain, 1:1 technical support, special discounts on additional services as architectural or development support to launch Web3 projects and applications, direct access to the team to help prioritize the development, access to Member Bonus Content and more. Contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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