Wireshape is the open enterprise blockchain for supply chain management.

The global e-commerce landscape is plagued by inaccurate product data, leading to customer dissatisfaction, returns, and environmental waste. Nowadays, a quarter of global online purchases end up in landfills due to misinformation. Wireshape emerges as a revolutionary solution, leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize product data management and build a future of transparency and trust.

The core of Wireshape is a secure and decentralized network fueled by the $WIRE token. Data lives on the blockchain, ensuring immutability and accessibility. A Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, facilitated by trusted validators, guarantees data integrity and network stability.

Through its Web3 platform, Wireshape empowers stakeholders across the ecosystem: consumers can make informed choices based on verified data, retailers can stand out with transparent practices, and manufacturers can optimize operations and build sustainable brands.

Wireshape is on a mission to go beyond a platform, we aim to launch a movement to redefine data sharing across the entire supply chain and pave the way for a more sustainable and transparent future.

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